Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Keep the post public

Having just heard a CWU speaker at an inquorate meeting of the UNISON Greater London Regional Council I thought I would blog a link to the Keep the Post Public Campaign (http://www.cwu.org/support-the-campaign.html). You can sign an online petition at that link.

The idea that there should be a universal postal service from Westminster to the Shetlands is such an obvious one - and is a fine example of a natural monopoly best provided as a public service.

Nineteenth century Tories and Liberals understood this - but their twenty first century equivalents disagree. The CWU are focusing their lobbying on 71 Coalition MPs. That makes for a less visible campaign nationally.

There is, however a national rally at Westminster next Wednesday at 11am (http://www.cwu.org/december-15-rally.html) for those who can get to Central London mid morning.

And if tou can't do that, whoever your MP is you can download a postcard to send them (http://www.cwu.org/assets/_files/documents/aug_10/cwu__1282555800_03014_KTPP_postcard_to_MPs.pdf).

Print it out and put a stamp on it!

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