Thursday, December 09, 2010

Putting some money where our mouth is

UNISON activists should draw some encouragement from the combative tone of the online announcement of the decision announced at yesterday's NEC to set up a "fighting fund" (

I'll report properly on the meeting soon - it was, understandably, dominated by discussion around our opposition to public spending cuts. Our campaigns will need funding - and as important as allocating resources was the news that, for example, our General Political Fund Committee is hoping to make it easier for branches to access resources.

Unfortunately we have some way to go before we catch up with the Executive of the National Union of Teachers, whose call for strike action over pensions in the spring did not find an echo from the majority - however there is a recognition that national industrial action over pensions will be required - just a feeling (which I do not share) that the time is not quite upon us.

With UNISON encouraging members to support today's student protests we are now pointing in the right direction. Now we need to find the accelerator.

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nick venedi said...

Hey Jon,

Dont forget the CWU rally being held in central London tomorrow morning at 11a.m It is important that as many of us attend to show support and solidarity? Maybe this will remind your readers of the rally.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in your country but I was drawn to your blog by your accusation that the cpbml was racist.
I laughed at this because it places you next to MOSSAD/Shin Bet who have successfully managed the media to equate anti zionism with anti semitism. You are part of the establishment in UK who have equated opposition to mass migration with rascism.
You just don't understand your working class.