Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Take action now to defend the NHS

This is the latest bulletin from UNISON's Million Voices campaign - all UNISON branches, reps and activists need not only to act on this but also to circulate this to our members and encourage them to take action. The future of our National Health Service is at stake.

"Next Monday, MPs will be voting on the Health and Social Care Bill which threatens the very fabric of our NHS.

Despite mounting opposition and the fears expressed loudly by staff, unions and health commentators, the government is determined to press ahead. Make no mistake, these changes are driven by ideology not by a desire to make life better for patients.

The real winners will be the private health companies who stand ready to move in and take over NHS services. This Bill will make our NHS profit centred rather than patient centred.Ask your MP to vote against the Bill on Monday:


Over the last week the government's health and social care bill has attracted a huge amount of media interest with many people and organisations outlining their concerns around the health bill.

With the second reading of the health bill on Monday 31 January we cannot let this pressure waver and we must call on MPs to reject the Tory led plans that will bring about the dismantling of the NHS on Monday.

It takes just two minutes to make a difference.

Please email your MP now asking them to vote against  the Health and Social Care Bill next Monday:


Thanks,The Million Voices Campaign

P.S. Don't forget to encourage your family, friends and colleagues to add theirvoices to the million voices campaign:


For further information and arguments against the Government's plans to break up the NHS and pave the way for wholesale privatisation visit http://www.keepournhspublic.com/index.php.


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Anonymous said...

Out of interest, what happened to Kirlees vanguard action of an all out strike for a week saving the council millions of pounds. Has it happened? I've not seen anything about it. Please advise Jon