Wednesday, January 12, 2011

UNISON's message to Greenwich Council

I was pleased to see the following extract from a response by UNISON to the attack on its workforce by Greenwich's Labour Council, which is threatening the sack in order to end incremental progression (the cost-saving option recently rejected overwhelmingly by our Health Service Group Executive for the NHS);

"It’s time that a labour council, in an area hugely affected by the Government’s cuts, starts to fight back against Tory cuts rather than attacking their own workforce. The council shouldn’t be managing the cuts but working with staff and the community to stand up to the Tories. The voluntary sector has already been hit by the council’s axe and now it’s workers who are being expected to carry the burden. With inflation running over 3% all staff are taking a real terms pay cut this year. For staff who have their increments frozen the pain will be almost double. Add to that the rise in VAT and the impending rise in employee National insurance contributions. 2011 is going to be very difficult for all workers but for some the pain will be greater and that is directly due to decisions taken by the council."

It has to be right that we oppose Tory attacks whether they are made by the Tories, their LibDem stooges - or Labour Councils like Greenwich.

Of course, UNISON members in Greenwich also need their UNISON Branch returned immediately to democratic control. There is simply no reason why the Branch couldn't hold an Annual General Meeting in the first quarter of this year and elect officers to lead the campaign against the attacks from their employer - as happens in so many other London boroughs.

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Ashleigh Marsh said...

So where is action happening in Greenwich for N30? Council offices picket?