Friday, February 25, 2011

Haringey steps up

Yesterday's occupation of Haringey Civic Centre ( shows the growing determination of the gathering anti-cuts movement.

Haringey is one of a number of local authority areas facing social devastation from the savage cuts by the Tory-led Coalition.

Yesterday in Lambeth I learned of the shocking scale of job losses arising from the Council's cuts budget.

The law on redundancy consultation requires that we are given numbers of projected dismissals - and when those numbers equate to one in five of the workforce they are stark enough in their own right.

But beyond the impact on ourselves as workers, behind the raw numbers, there will be a story of shattered hopes, diminished futures and social isolation as the infrastructure of services which support our most vulnerable fellow citizens is subject to this fiscal firestorm.

The sooner we mobilise the collective strength of the trade unions to focus our rage against the Tories the better we shall defend all those who need us to act.

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