Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lobby Islington Council against cuts - today

Here - for the benefit of those who can make it there this afternoon - is an appeal from UNISON's Islington branch to support their march and lobby of Islington Council today -

Dear Comrades and colleagues

Tonight Islington Council trades union members are marching and lobbying outside the Council's budget setting meeting.

At 5.30 We are assembling on Highbury Fields at the top of Fieldway Crescent. We will move off around 6PM.

The March will proceed to the town hall for speeches and to lobby Council Members about the cuts package planned for the Council meeting.

£50 millions and 280 job losses are planned as the first part of the four year package being pushed by the Condem government.

Unison are utterly opposed to the policies of the Condem government. We think that the council needs to lead a fight in the community against these vicious plans. Each of the 280 job losses is an individual with family members and these cuts affectveach of them and the communities they live in.

Islington Unison believes that councillors in the borough should think about the needs of the people of the borough. When going into the chamber on Thursday evening they should think long and hard about who elected them in May 2010 and why the working class people of the Borough chose to put the Labour Group in power.

It was certainly not to axe £100 million off the budget over four years frontloaded to make half now!

It was not to attack Childrens services and the most vulnerable in the community.

It was not to dump 700 onto the dole queues.

Labour Councillors should be heading up an alliance with the unions and community groups and activists including user groups to prevent these terrible cuts.

In the chamber tonight they must put the community first and help launch the resistance.

The march and protest have been organised jointly by Unison and the GMB with support from other unions.

We hope that you come along and join in this fight with us.

Our struggle is your struggle.

Comradely Greetings

Mike Calvert
Deputy Branch Secretary
Islington Unison

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