Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bloody Hypocrites bomb Libya

Our Prime Minister walks out of his front door to tell us that military attacks on Libya are necessary, legal and right. He's a bloody hypocrite. President Obama says "we can't stand idly by" but idle standing is the order of the day elsewhere.

In Bahrain the regime, backed by troops from the democratic bastion of Saudi Arabia, butchers civilians on the streets - and is condemned by the international trade union movement - but all I hear from Downing Street is silence. (Although the FCO have travel advice...)

In Yemen security forces slaughter civilian protestors and again the international trade union movement protests - while William Hague has found enough mojo to condemn this - the "international community" is not driven to take action.

Libya under its current leadership is no haven of workers' rights - there are no genuine independent trade unions. This is why the international trade union movement had to step up and put pressure on the multinational oil companies who have had profitable dealings with the current regime.

However, the cruise missiles paid for from our taxes (for those of us who pay our taxes - unlike many large companies) are not tools to open up freedom in Libya. They are killing Libyan people this evening and they are doing so on our behalf. Working people in Libya killed by our weapons will no more be available to build a democratic Libya than will those killed by the Libyan regime.

Lobby your MP to sign Early Day Motion 1565 and support, if you can, tomorrow's protest, 3pm at Downing Street.

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