Saturday, March 12, 2011

Her Majesty's Equivocation?

I foolishly thought the job of "Her Majesty's Opposition" was to oppose.

As Labour renegade Lord Hutton published his report which put the icing on the cake which public service pensioners will, in future, neither have nor eat (, the "Opposition" responded in less than forthright terms;

"We will need to examine the proposals carefully alongside the government's detailed response."


Thanks for that Angela Eagle! Admiring the prudence of that statement will help take my mind off my pension falling in value by 20% in three weeks time.

Luckily, as Compass give up on the fight for a Labour Party worthy of the name (, the Labour Representation Committee is on hand with a model motion for your Labour Party branch meeting (

The major battle ground in the fight to defend our pensions will be the picket lines and the streets - however we will need advocates in Parliament - and the least we must demand of the Parliamentary Labour Party is unequivocal opposition to the attack on public service pensions.

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