Thursday, April 14, 2011

If it moves, privatise it?

UNISON's criticisms of plans for more private social work practices are spot on.

I particularly share the sentiment that "Most social workers went into the job so they could support people, not so they could set up a business" - very true! In fact, I'd go further, anyone who went into social work so that could set up a business is not the sort of person I'm happy to see supporting vulnerable people.

To see the barking-mad right wing Coalition promoting this nonsense is no shock, but the role of Labour Councils in colluding with this is a sad reminder that it was under New Labour that the scourge of privatisation was admitted into the heart of public service delivery in this way.

Barnet UNISON are setting a fine example about how to respond to privatisation - with not just a general campaign against privatisation, but also a specific trade dispute about the desire of local Council workers to remain employed by the local authority.

The tendrils of private profit do not seek to penetrate the public sector in order to improve the experience of service users, but to suck out public funds paid for by taxpayers in order to provide value for shareholders.

If you haven't already taken action to support UNISON's Million Voices campaign - now would be a good time.

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