Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Libya - stop the bombing! (Says UNISON)

I'm pleased to see that, as we were promised earlier this afternoon, the first official online report from today's UNISON National Executive Council (NEC) meeting concerns our call for an end to military action in Libya (

The key point is that UNISON is calling for a peaceful solution and a cessation of military Action. I had intended suggesting an amendment to the statement clarifying opposition to the NATO military action, but accepted the argument of our General Secretary that a call for that action to stop immediately more than does the job that could be done by any statement of opposition.

It is absolutely right that UNISON should adopt this position of opposition to the military intervention in Libya, and should make it clear. Not only are we part of a global movement with a well-founded historic opposition to war, we are also the people in the forefront of savage cuts in vital public services driven forward by a Government which can find millions at the drop of a hat to underwrite military intervention.

We should continue to stand for "welfare not warfare."

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Dan Nichols said...

Why should the rebels stop fighting Gadaffi? They have every right to pursue their struggle until their dictator and his cronies are overthrown! It's disgusting that you and the rest of the NEC are advocating that he be thrown a lifeline!

Dan Nichols
Labour Link Officer, UNISON LFEPA