Thursday, June 21, 2012

Missing blogger found

After a day's energetic live-blogging on Tuesday, the pressure of Conference work (official and less official) has forced me into radio-silence, from which I'll now try to catch up.

This afternoon I was asked to speak on behalf of the National Executive Council (NEC) for the first time in eight years (and only the second time since I was first elected to the NEC).

I was pleased to support the succesful Rule Amendment number three, which, with its counterpart Rule Amendment eleven, has now established a framework for the lawful exclusion or expulsion from UNISON of members of far right organisations.

I understood the reservations of those comrades who feared that such rules might be used against socialists, but believed them to be misplaced.

The challenge now facing UNISON is to initiate action against known members of far right organisations in our ranks - and to respond to the clear desire of Conference for an end to unjustified disciplinary action. Dropping a wasteful and unnecessary appeal against a particular EAT decision might be a good start...

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