Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Waiting for Dave on Tuesday afternoon

I've fallen behind in the (newly permitted) live-blogging from UNISON Conference.

I should point out that it wasn't simple Regional chauvinism that led me not to blog a report of the debate on Motion 33 (on the North-South divide) shortly before lunch.

Indeed, the real political and socio-economic divide certainly places the deprived areas of Inner London in "the North" and the issue is as vital now as it was in the 80s, so I would've liked to hear the whole debate.

Motion 33 was passed, and was as worthy as Motion 83 on elder abuse, which is being debated now ahead of the General Secretary's keynote address. This motion, from our National Retired Members Committee, tackles the scandal of mistreatment of our vulnerable elders.

Certainly there needs to be a sea change in the treatment of many vulnerable old people and UNISON needs to campaign on this issue.

Mind you, what I most want from my union in my old age is a decent final salary pension. Bringing down this Government would also be a good thing for our elders, as an Edinburgh delegate is pointing out.

I'm waiting to hear Dave Prentis give us a lead in that direction in a few minutes time!

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