Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NEC Rule Amendments to National Delegate Conference

Following on from the last post (and as the stalwarts of our Policy Committee are debating our response to the TUC consultation on a General Strike whilst the rest of our NEC lunches), I can report on the Rule Amendments which the NEC has agreed to submit to National Delegate Conference.

The NEC is submitting seven rule amendments.

The first (to Rule C.2.6) tidies up the definition of a Retired Member so that members who obtain employment post-retirement can subsequently resume retired membership.

The second (to Rule D. corrects an anomaly in cross-referencing which was inadvertently introduce in 2008. (I'm wondering if even I might be in with a chance of a Conference speech on that one...)

The third Rule Amendment (to Rule D.4.2) revises the definition of the purposes of self-organisation arising (if belatedly) from the review of self-organisation.

The fourth amendment (to Rule D.1.3) permits small branches to be grouped for Conference representation. I asked for an amendment to the proposal to clarify that this would be purely voluntary (which was agreed).

The fifth amendment (to Rule D.1.10.4) is a minor enabling amendment arising from the previous amendment.

The sixth Rule change (to Rule G.2.2) clarifies the financial responsibilities of Branch Committees.

The seventh amendment - which I opposed at the NEC meeting - is to Rule H.4.2 and requires all branches to hold their current account with Unity Trust Bank. I opposed this because I wasn't persuaded that this ought to be compulsory. However the large majority of my NEC colleagues were persuaded and the Rule Change will be on the Conference agenda.

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