Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sussex students show the way

It's great to see students in occupation against privatisation up the Lewes Road at Sussex University ( The increasing penetration of the public sector in general, and the education sector in particular, by private capital distorts and perverts a core public service.

The occupiers have thought through how to use the public act of occupation both directly and symbolically effective whilst minimising disruption of the very service they seek to protect. They are occupying a Conference Room from which the University management, ideologically committed to privatisation and the marketisation of education. Their occupation does not disrupt the education which the University was built to provide.

By their principled stand the students pose a challenge to our trade unions to find our way towards more effective opposition to the destruction of our Welfare State.

You can express your support online at or by tweeting @occupy_sussex. I hope you will.

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