Thursday, March 21, 2013

Councillors Against the Cuts? Don't Panic! Prioritise Motion 42!

Those of us approaching a certain age, and distancing ourselves with the passage of time from a teenage love of radio science fiction comedy, have always known that the answer to "Life, the Universe and Everything" was "42" (

It now turns out that the Lambeth branch motion about "Councillors Against the Cuts" which has been admitted to the agenda for UNISON National Delegate Conference - and about which I blogged a little while ago - is Motion 42. ( - follow this link for the text of the motion).

In the light of this information, I think only a Vogon ( would not want to see Motion 42 debated at UNISON National Delegate Conference.

For those readers of a more serious disposition (regular readers Sid and Doris Blogger) I would add that Motion 42, in calling for a debate about how councils and councillors should respond to Coalition cuts, addresses a question of vital importance to our members.

However you can influence the Conference prioritisation process - please prioritise Motion 42!

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