Thursday, March 21, 2013

On Saturday - support the Barnet Spring!

This Saturday there is an opportunity for people around London - and beyond - to support the long running struggle of the citizens and workers of Barnet against privatisation (

All those who can should gather at Finchley Central tube station at 11am on Saturday 23 March to show support for the people of Barnet - and opposition to the Council's plans for massive privatisation on an unprecedented scale.

The campaign initiated by Barnet UNISON has spread into the wider community, with political consequences for the Tory Party which have included the decline ( and fall ( of Brian Coleman.

For Barnet's Tories to lose a leading Councillor (and former Mayor) may of course be considered a misfortune - to then lose a Chief Executive last October ( looked like carelessness.

But they're pressing ahead with mass outsourcing of services to swell the coffers of Capita at the expense of local people - even in the face of a legal challenge to the adequacy of consultation (

Because, of course, the Tories couldn't care less about many vital local services and those who depend upon them.

The long war which has been fought by the workforce and community in Barnet to resist the wholesale destruction of local government as a public service is an example to every local community facing such threats - that's why all our communities must be represented in Barnet on Saturday.

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