Monday, July 22, 2013

Defend the union link

As it turns out, Ed Miliband is indeed an idiot ( His transparent project to promote state funding of political parties will now travel by way of Party Conference and another special Conference.

This is a tediously predictable attempt by a precocious (if ungainly) child who has never had a proper job to make himself look like a leader at the expense of destroying the Labour Party. (His father would be amused - if not proud).

If Len McCluskey continues to retreat in the face of brutal personalised attacks he will deserve the next round of attacks (which he must know are coming whatever he does).

UNISON were not implicated in any of the issues which kicked this nonsense off - we need to be totally solid in defence of collective affiliation of trade unions to the Labour Party.

There's more to be said about how Labour's attack on the union link slots into what the Government are already doing - and I'll return to that topic...

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