Monday, July 15, 2013

Fight the privatisation of the post - support the CWU

Our economy is in the doldrums as capitalist firms hoard cash rather than invest it, not seeing opportunities for profit.

One of the Government's remedies for this state of affairs (rather than investing in the economy to get it moving) is to find ways to open up to the profit motive areas of economic life not previously driven by this imperative - notably the Royal Mail.

And that's why the CWU campaign against Royal Mail privatisation is so significant ( This is a privatisation which could still be scuppered (particularly if Labour pledged renationalisation on return to office in 2015). If you've not already done so, sign the online petition now (

The CWU are absolutely right not only to mount a wide-ranging political campaign against privatisation but also to prepare for industrial action to protect members' terms and conditions (

The sort of spivs and sharks who aim to get their share of privatised public services invariably see "shareholder value" in attacking pay and conditions which have been fought for and won over decades. They have to be sent a clear message - not only that CWU members will resist attempts to profit at their expense, but also that the wider labour and trade union movement will stand behind the postal workers to fight both privatisation and the consequences of privatisation, and to demand that an incoming Labour Government returns the post to the public sector.

Although, as a republican, I wouldn't go to the wire about the name...

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