Thursday, April 03, 2014

The appeal on employment tribunal fees

It's good news that UNISON's appeal against the judgment dismissing our attack on the introduction of employment tribunal fees has been lodged.

The original judgment all but begged for such an appeal if official statistics bore out fears that the imposition of fees would choke off tribunal claims - and then those statistics showed that such fears had (if anything) been understated.

The ability to bring a claim before an employment tribunal is a poor and inadequate opportunity to seek redress for injustice in the workplace. It is, however, the opportunity which workers have.

To put in the way of tribunal complaints fees which are simply prohibitive for many workers was always no more than a transparent attempt to discourage workers from seeking justice.

Win or lose, UNISON's appeal is made on behalf of all workers and, however much we should have no illusions in the efficacy of tribunals in remedying injustice, we must all wish it well.

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