Friday, April 04, 2014

UNISON Health Conference - time to fight on pay?

We’re now past the deadline for Emergency Motions for UNISON Health Conference.

I understand that the Service Group Executive (SGE) are rightly proposing an emergency motion on pay following the Government’s decision not even equitably to apply the real terms pay cut recommended by the Pay Review Body.

I don’t have the wording of the SGE motion (and I’m not sure that in this respect I am necessarily in a different position from all SGE members) but it is clear that UNISON’s Health Conference needs to take a strong position in opposition to the declining living standards of health workers and that this topic warrants debate at Health Conference.

Health activists in UNISON, as much as any other activists, need a network organised independently of (though not in opposition to) our official structures if we are to mobilise our members when we must.

Watch this space.

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