Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Health and local government - strike together over pay!


In a development which will be welcomed by all those who want to see fair pay for all public service workers (and an increase in living standards for workers more generally), UNISON today announces a ballot for industrial action‎.

The strike ballot will run from 28 August to 18 September, meaning that the earliest date for strike action would be the last week in September. I hope that friends and comrades at today's meeting of UNISON's National Joint Council (NJC) Committee, considering the timing of further action over local government pay, will take note of this development.

We are strongest when we strike together!
Two minor supplementary points. Our members in Scotland are part of neither dispute, their pay negotiations already having been devolved (whatever the outcome of another vote coming up soon). Also, there is a contradiction between striking for higher pay and supporting Ed Balls' "austerity-lite" economic policy for an incoming Labour Government.

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