Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stand with workers at the Ritzy: demand the living wage

The inspiring struggle of the workers at our local cinema, the Ritzy in Brixton, who have been striking for months in their campaign for the Living Wage, is stepped up a notch today as they and their supporters are marching through Central London to take their message to cinema goers‎ across the city.

Those of us fortunate enough to be attending the Greater London Employers Forum this afternoon, and therefore unable to attend the demonstration, can support the campaign online at the link above - and can join the boycott of the Ritzy and all other cinemas in the Picture‎house chain.

Lambeth UNISON is proud to support our friends at the Ritzy.‎ Solidarity with the BECTU members at the Ritzy is an excellent way in which public sector workers can break down the false divide between private and public sector workers - as the Ritzy strikers themselves did by taking strike action alongside us on 10 July.

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