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Monday, December 22, 2014

An early Xmas present for the Tories

There can be no doubt that Mark Serwotka has been an outstanding trade union General Secretary, nor that the PCS union has faced the greatest of challenges, from Governments of both parties, during his tenure.

This makes it all the more shocking that PCS has offered an early Xmas present to every enemy of our movement by cancelling part of its internal democracy for twelve months, citing a financial crisis.

On the eve of a General election in which our greatest enemies (the Tories) will lose no opportunity to attack our movement it would be grotesquely irresponsible if the PCS National Executive did not reverse this catastrophe.

You don’t have to join the internal political critics, or newer rank and file voices within PCS in order to see that this development is dangerous for the whole movement. The narrative of “trade union barons” has done us a lot of harm in the past – but at Runnymede the barons did at least establish that the king himself was not above the law.

The General Secretary himself is not above the Rule Book.


janicegodrich said...

It is a shame that you don't bother to investigate the facts behind this decision before posting such drivel. Pcs left unity has consistently supported calls for democracy within unison and offered comradely support to achieve this. I would have expected someone with your experience in the movement to pause and look at the real political situation pcs finds itself in before letting lose on your keyboard

Jon Rogers said...

Janice, sometimes your best friends are the people who tell you what you least want to hear. I would do anything in my power to support PCS members against the attacks you face (and will do anything I am asked). On this you made an error however - and not a small one.

janicegodrich said...

Well we will have to differ, you choose not to speak to friends , best or otherwise before coming and publicising your musings

Jon Rogers said...

Funnily enough that's more or less exactly what UNISON officials often say to me...

janicegodrich said...

Not any point in continuing to debate with you if you need to resort to passive aggressive comments.