Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Judges uphold assault upon our legal rights

UNISON's application for judicial review of the regulations imposing extortionate fees upon claimants in employment tribunals has been defeated for a second time.

The fee regime imposed by the Tories has achieved their aim of a very dramatic reduction in the number of claims - and the failure of the legal challenge from UNISON (supported by the Commission for Equality and Human Rights is a bitter blow.

Ironically one of the criticisms made of the claim by the judges is that the claimant could not produce evidence of an actual claimant who had not brought a claim because of the fees (even though it is glaringly obvious that thousands have been discouraged).

Of course UNISON couldn't produce a UNISON member who had been prevented from bringing a claim because of the fees! The Union has made every effort to ensure that this does not happen to our members (and rightly so).

It seems we'll have to rid ourselves of these fees at the ballot box.

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margaret Back said...

Well said jon