Tuesday, April 07, 2015

UNISON NEC elections - vote to Reclaim our Union!

I have just updated the UNISON elections page on this blog with details of the candidates standing as part of the “Reclaim the Union” slate in the current NEC elections.
Ballot papers are out from today and I would urge every UNISON member to vote, and every UNISON activist and official to encourage every UNISON member to vote.
Since blog posts on this blog which refer to internal UNISON elections do not use UNISON resources, I can say that I would encourage you to vote for the “Reclaim the Union” candidates for a much needed change of direction at the UNISON Centre.
There are of course other good members of our NEC and other good candidates in these elections, and I wish all good luck.
The most important goal which we could have in these elections as trade unionists would be to increase the low turnout which we have seen in recent elections.

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Robs' union craic said...

Due to a very minor 'administration' error, Cambs County Branch's support for Reclaim the Union candidates was ruled out. We have posted our recommendation to members on our website. In Solidarity Rob Turner.