Sunday, April 19, 2015

Vote Labour - don't be on the side of those lower than vermin

This morning I had to take some recycling round to the communal recycling bin (which is part of my Green local authority’s utterly inadequate approach to environmental policies) and I found that someone had dropped some recycling straight through the letterbox.
These were some leaflets boasting implausibly about our Conservative Member of Parliament and encouraging readers to vote for him so that he might continue to support reactionary policies which have devastated our society.
Luckily I was able to add this material directly to the communal recycling bin.
I have no qualms about directing Tory propaganda directly to somewhere where it will be destroyed. Their poisonous encouragement to all that is worst in humanity should not be circulated or encouraged in any way. The Tories are the party of greed and selfishness and they only ever hold power by winning over many of those against whose interests they will always legislate.
If anyone ever needed to be reminded that the Tories are lower than vermin then surely the last five years is enough of a reminder?
If anyone ever needed to be reminded that the worst day under a Labour Government is better than the best day under a Tory Government then surely the last five years remind us of that also?
I am a libertarian socialist and a firm believer in freedom of speech and choice, but I draw a line at supporting the Tories or doing anything that would facilitate anyone else doing so.
This coming General Election is the most uncertain, and the most important, of my lifetime. Anyone who fails to cast their vote with the sole objective of preventing there from being a Tory Prime Minister in three weeks’ time is failing to take seriously the plight of workers in our country.
David Cameron in 10 Downing Street will legislate to prevent strikes and bankrupt trade unions. Votes cast by those whose conscience is so important to them that they cannot bear to support the Labour Party, and who vote for the Greens, or TUSC, or any other party in a marginal seat will be cast on the side of reaction.
The Tories are the enemies of working people and there are few tactics which are unacceptable in resisting them. Those who vote against Labour candidates in marginal seats are allies of the Tories and are also enemies of working people.
If – for example – the Green candidate in Brighton Kemp Town were a socialist (concerned with the class struggle and the interests of the working class) he would call for a vote for the socialist Labour candidate. (This is also the conclusion of the non partisan voteswap website).

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treborc said...

I find it very hard to see the differences to be honest between labour who is now heading back to New labour and the Tories .

Then again I'm disabled so to me both are equality as bad as each other.

Labour telling the Tories come and join us because we are to the center back in New labour land, I wonder will this get the Tories to join new labour.

Not me I remember ATOS the WCA, I see little difference.