Saturday, May 09, 2015

Standing strong requires change

Our General Secretary was right to affirm, in his post-election message, that UNISON must stand firm for our members in the face of the new Tory Government.

We face a double onslaught, in which the Government will unleash as yet unimagined attacks upon our jobs and public services ‎with one hand, whilst with the other they will threaten our subscription income, remove our facility time and make it all but impossible for us to respond with lawful industrial action.

I blogged yesterday‎ with some initial thoughts about the organising response which is called for. 

We need all UNISON members on direct debit within eighteen months.

We need to rethink our long subservience to unjust laws which will prevent strike action.

We need to turn UNISON upside down to put our focus in the branches where we will resist.

We need to refuse to choose a candidate for Labour Leader unless they sign up to our policies.

The approach of the trade union leadership over the past five years failed.

We cannot afford more such failure.

Everything must be questioned.‎ Nothing can remain the same.

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Anonymous said...

I am a retired UNISON member after a lifetime in work.

You might care to share widely to UNISON MEMBVERS AND UNION ALIKE.

The coming end of the state pension to the squeezed middle class as well as the lowest waged, of the flat rate pension, that uses the SERPs opt out and the Pension Bill 2014 to wipe out most if not all money in old age of the state pension.

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