Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Solidarity with Barnet - and Bromley!


Solidarity and good luck to comrades in Barnet UNISON striking tomorrow against privatisation. The latest step in Barnet's long struggle against rampant outsourcing is well timed to coincide with Chancellor Osborne's latest austerity budget.

The coordination of Barnet's action with that being taken - in a similar cause - by UNISON and UNITE members in Bromley is a welcome development, demonstrating the wisdom of lay, rank and file trade union activists who know that the causes of our problems are political - and that they therefore require a political response, maximising political pressure through the coordination of action.

Workers in Bromley (where the employer took advantage of Regionally self-inflicted injuries of ‎the UNISON branch to break away from national conditions of service) also face an attack on trade union time off which poses a near existential threat to branch organisation.

UNISON's Greater London Region needs to develop an imaginative, inclusive strategy to fight these threats on both our northern and southern flanks - and I look forward to blogging about that strategy.

In the mean time solidarity to both Barnet and Bromley!

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