Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why it's right to strike (1)

In many ways the highlight of this year's UNISON National Delegate Conference, which took place last week in Glasgow, was that it took place in a City where UNISON members were striking for justice.

Now it's good to learn that the homelessness workers have - after seventeen weeks on strike - accepted a settlement recommended to them by their branch and shop stewards.

In today's local government it is sadly all to common to see groups and individuals swallowing reductions in pay or conditions in the (invariably mistaken) belief that this can secure their jobs.

It was therefore heartening to see a group of workers prepared to fight for the fair, higher rate of pay which they deserved - and it is all the more encouraging to learn that they have obtained a settlement which they can accept.

It is precisely the ability to take such action which the Tory Trade Union Bill seeks to eliminate.

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