Saturday, September 12, 2015

Corbyn - we can't leave him to fight alone!

On a wonderful day, we need to recognise that the work to build on Corbyn's election victory has to start immediately. As a UNISON Branch Secretary, I have just sent the following message to members of my trade union branch, encouraging members to join the Labour Party now in order to be part of the fight which will be led by Jeremy Corbyn, to defeat the Tories and transform our country;

"Jeremy Corbyn, the candidate supported by UNISON in the election, has today been elected as Leader of the Labour Party. He won the vote on the first round with almost  60% support, winning amongst every category of voter (Party members, affiliated supporters and registered supporters).

This excellent result offers the opportunity that the policies which are supported by UNISON, because they are in the interests of UNISON members, will now be fought for by the Labour Party. The Labour Party is now led by someone who does not believe that public service workers like us should pay the price for an economic crisis caused by the bankers.

However, one man, however principled, honest and consistent, cannot alone achieve the political change which is needed. If we want to change our country for the better it is we ourselves who must engage actively. Politics is far too important to be left to politicians. If you want to work with Jeremy Corbyn to achieve the objectives in which UNISON believes I urge you to consider joining the Labour Party – which you can do easily online at"

I hope that every socialist, every progressive, everyone who wants to see social change, will do the same.


Steven Wilkinson said...

Great result. All lining up in Cornwall behind Jeremy! Keep up the good work Jon.

Steven Wilkinson said...

Stick a link on your blog to join Labour mate! You know it makes sense.