Friday, September 04, 2015

UNISON General Secretary election gets serious

Leading challenger in the contest for UNISON General Secretary, Barnet activist John Burgess, has today launched a detailed and practical pledge to increase funding to UNISON branches.

This marks him out from "complacency candidate", incumbent Dave Prentis, whose nomination request letter merely expresses a pious platitude intended to reassure without offering any commitment (perhaps Dave will now make a serious attempt to address the issue)(or perhaps not...)
Earlier this week, John gained the support of 16 members of UNISON's National Executive Council (NEC) at the meeting which nominated Dave Prentis (who gained 32 votes), indicating a larger level of support at the top of the Union than any previous challenger.

Already people across UNISON are describing John as our "Jeremy Corbyn" - which seemed apt last night when John had to arrive late at the Regional launch meeting of his own campaign because he was representing a UNISON member facing dismissal.

The distinction between the "steady as she sinks" approach of our current leadership and the clarity of purpose offered by John is increasingly clear.

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