Friday, October 16, 2015

Prentis listens and corrects error. Better late than never.

The link above reveals that the wording of a blog post on the campaign website of Dave Prentis, originally posted dated three days ago has been amended today‎ to correct misinformation about UNISON's election procedures.

For those with an almost obsessive interest in trade union democracy and a concern for the affairs of UNISON which borders on a personality disorder, the full background is in the previous post on this blog.

One cheer to Dave for correcting an error which (since he has been in charge of our Union for the past fifteen years) he should not have made. Sadly the other two cheers have to be held back. The apology which Dave should be making to his supporters for misinforming them isn't online yet - perhaps it is still being drafted?

And - of course - it is very poor "netiquette" to amend an inaccurate blog post so that future readers do not know you made the error in the first place.

Still, as the three companies project teaches us, some people have a difficulty admitting even their most embarrassing mistakes. 

I hope no one has to be exiled or retired for the screw up on the campaign website...

Update on 22 October

The Returning officer has issued revised guidance, which I will cover in a further post.

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