Friday, November 27, 2015

The UNISON General Secretary Election and the Single Transferable Vote...

I realise that I am in a tiny minority in UNISON, on the left on UNISON and generally in believing that we should use the Single Transferable Vote (STV) to elect our General Secretary.
Happily I don’t mind being the one person who is right when all the rest of you are wrong. (I can even be generous about your error!)
No one can predict the outcome of the current General Secretary election. The incumbent must be the favourite and it may well be that (given his mastery – properly or otherwise – of the machine) he may secure more than 50% of the vote as he has three times before.
Certainly, were he to fail to do so, that would signify the end of his tenure (the longevity of which is hardly assured otherwise in any case given the outrageous conduct of his supporters).
For those who think it obvious that a trade union should use an electoral system which can ensure majority support for a General Secretary this is the amendment to move for next year’s National Delegate Conference;
Delete Schedule C.7 and replace with;
7. The method of voting shall be by single transferable vote. The National Executive Council shall have the power to determine any other matter of procedure or organisation or administration of or relating to the election.
This amendment would require only a simple majority since it amends only a Schedule to the Rule Book.
Any UNISON member could propose this in their branch as a motion to Conference.
Or you could prepare now to oppose this.
It’s in your hands.


Anonymous said...

Are you throwing in the Burgess towel, John? This does rather read as conceding that Prentis has won.

Jon Rogers said...

I think the one thing that is clear is that (whoever gets however many votes) Prentis has lost.