Saturday, November 14, 2015

Time's up Dave

Whilst this blog has often been critical of the leadership of UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis in recent years, he has not here been accused of running a ruthless meritocracy.
Because that would have been unfair.
The fact that the shower of overly ambitious mediocrities who are now left as the last of his dwindling band of supporters have transparently abused UNISON resources demonstrates that.
November’s edition of UNISON Focus is an embarrassment to our entire labour movement.
A magazine paid for from the subscriptions of low paid UNISON members to provide useful information to activists has been reduced to a partisan propaganda rag in the current General Secretary election.
Dave Prentis on the front cover.
Dave Prentis with his column at the front of the magazine.
Dave Prentis with his picture all over the front pages of the magazine.
If this were a calculated insult to UNISON activists throughout our Union it would be well calculated.
Don’t you get it Dave?
If you can win like this we will all have lost.
We don’t have the time or energy to subordinate the interests of UNISON members to whichever ego is demanding that you carry on beyond reason.

Are you going to force us to take complaints outside the Union to address this blatant abuse?


Unknown said...

I'm more offended by a letters page that consisted only of supporters of/apologists for including religious nonsense in a trade union magazine.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the same thing happened in 2010. My email about the subject to UNISONFocus was ignored.

Anonymous said...

I think its is an absolute disgrace that UNISON members money has been exploited at such an important time.

This alone shows that we need new leadership.