Monday, December 14, 2015

Arrogance and foolishness?

‎Word reaches your blogger of a staff meeting at UNISON's Greater London Regional office at which staff were assured of the imminent return of a colleague not currently amongst them.

Rest assured dear reader that I believe not one word of this. 

I simply do not believe that any senior UNISON official in the Greater London ‎Region would be so arrogant or so foolish as to seek to undermine the integrity of an investigation being undertaken by an Assistant General Secretary at the request of the President.

There is a debate to be had about the need for an independent investigation into the totality of the circumstances illuminated by recent revelations - and I will blog further about the developments which have persuaded me of the desirability of such an investigation.

There is also however a current investigative process which should be permitted to run its course without undue interference from any quarter.

The candidate on whose behalf it has been alleged that there have been serious breaches of UNISON's Rules clearly has some questions to answer. 

Were the current investigation to be derailed from within the Union, most observers would take that as a pretty damning answer to those questions.

What a good job it is that we can be sure that there shall not be such arrogance, or such foolishness, within our Union.

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