Thursday, December 03, 2015

Opportunities to serve UNISON members in the Greater London Region

Three vacancies for positions as UNISON Regional Organisers in the Greater London Region may seem increasingly attractive this week to committed and experienced labour movement activists.

I hope that regular readers of this blog (Sid and Doris Blogger) may consider their own suitability to apply for these vacancies.

I think that UNISON members and activists will be hoping that candidates for these jobs will be dedicated trade unionists who are not afraid to lead a fight against the employers when the occasion demands (and who want to interpret the Union's procedures to facilitate the democratic will of the membership).

We'll also hope for candidates who believe that a trade union is the property of its members who pay subscriptions, and that power should be vested in elected lay representatives who should be treated with respect (other careers are available for those who want a working environment where staff call the shots and volunteers follow their direction).

UNISON in Greater London has, in the past, spoken up effectively for our members. ‎Back in 1998, for example, the Region produced some of the best material to argue in favour of the restoration of London Government. Former Regional Convenor, Geoff Martin, frequently spoke out - and was heard. It is some years since the Region had any such positive profile.

That can change.

Achieving positive change will need to be led by lay members prepared to assert their democratic authority, working in partnership with officials prepared to accept that authority.

The deadline to apply for one of the Regional Officer vacancies is 15 December.

The deadline for motions and nominations for the Annual General Meeting of the Regional Council is 14 December.

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Anonymous said...

you are right, but what confidence can anyone have when all the senior management team were involved in the breach of the union rules that a genuine selection process would take place.

Anonymous said...

The union isn't getting it right. Good people become staff to carry out trade union roles. Then many end up spending more time fighting to be treated right as staff and to save their sanity against senior management.
We are supposed to be a lay member led union. Someome needs to tell the union and its senior management that.

Mike Calvert said...

Question is who will be on any shortlisting or interviewing panel?