Saturday, May 14, 2016

Electoral malpractice and independent investigations

Loony-right Tory Barnet Council, whose Chief Executive has resigned since the unprecedented events of last Thursday week, when voters were denied their right to vote, has now launched an independent investigation.

Electoral malpractice.

An independent investigation.

A pair that go well together?

Imagine, if you will, a trade union in which paid officials gather in a Regional Office to be briefed about how to campaign in an internal union election in breach of the rules of that trade union. Imagine that - in that meeting - they laugh at the elected lay representatives of that (lay-led?) union.

Imagine then that there are a series of email messages between senior officials of that trade union about such a campaign and that in those emails a very senior official ‎ expresses the view that it is appropriate to work with "sympathetic employers" to circumvent "hostile" branches.

‎Imagine also that in spite of this most arrogant misconduct on the part of senior officials of the union that internal election then sees the lowest turnout and the worst electoral performance for the incumbent candidate (on whose behalf, but without his knowledge, this misconduct has purportedly taken place).
And then imagine that a reactionary Tory Council is prepared to establish an independent investigation into allegations of electoral malpractice. Whilst a (lay-led?) trade union responds only with silence.

How very tiresome it can be to have an imagination.

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