Saturday, July 02, 2016

Support Corbyn - Join Labour

The evidence that Angela Eagle’s (as yet still unannounced) leadership bid was planned in advance tells us more than we want to know about the flinching and sneering ones who are trying to bring Jeremy Corbyn down.

Because these career politicians (for whom their own position within Blair’s Labour Party in 2003 was more important than the unjustified butchery of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis) cannot conceive that anyone would be motivated by other than self-interest, it never occurred to them that Corbyn could sustain the sort of pressure which would have destroyed any of them many times over.

But he has.

And he will.

The Parliamentarians never accepted the election of a socialist leader backed by the rank and file of the Party and the trade unions, and they have been looking for an opportunity to bring Corbyn down since his first day in office.

Corbyn still has support from trade unions and Party members – and if and when one of the anti-Corbyn MPs can find the self-confidence to put themselves forward as a candidate we will have an election.

To support Jeremy Corbyn, join the Labour Party.

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