Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Sometime inertia is better than momentum?

I don’t rate “Momentum” as an organisation.
It seems to be a haven for ambitious people who want to flock around a Labour Leader respected above all for his lack of personal ambition. I know that many good people have joined Momentum, including many good friends whom I respect. I regret that I am unable to join them.
The decision of the (unelected and unaccountable) Committee currently calling the shots for this unappealing outfit to oust their Vice Chair, Jackie Walker, because she is being attacked by Zionists reinforces my view that I have been right not to join this questionable outfit. It is run by those without principle or courage.
I have been a Labour leftwinger all my adult life and was a founding member of the Labour Representation Committee. I support Jeremy Corbyn as I have for thirty years. I will not stand with or defend Momentum as an organisation. It offers nothing positive to the left. We need those who will stand firm.
If you cannot see that the “anti-semitism” furore is something confected to attack the left (which is not to say that there is no anti-semitism in society, just that Progress never gave a damn about it until they thought they could find a way to bash Corbyn) then you cannot see the world around you. (If you think I exaggerate go to their website and search “anti-semitism” – Progress are not consistent or principled in any way).
If you cannot see the racism which shines out of the particular vilification of a black woman expressing anti-Zionist views then you are not paying attention to the truth of a genuinely racist society in which black people are on the receiving end of the daily reality of racism.
Anti-Zionism is not racist. Zionism is.
More to the point, everyday racism in our society is what determines that black people are less likely to be employed, and earn less when they are employed, than white people.
If the people who have backed Jeremy Corbyn had wanted to create a new organisation which would take on these real issues then that would have been worthwhile.
That hasn’t happened and I am not joining Momentum. I shall remain a proud supporter of the Labour Representation Committee and a committed anti-racist (and anti-Zionist) and a (third generation) Labour Party member.
Most of all, I am a trade unionist and a supporter of equality between workers.


Anonymous said...

Do you believe in a 2 state solution? If you doesn't that mean you are a Zionist?
If you don't believe in a 2 state solution then you disagree with Jeremy who has said that he does.

Jon Rogers said...

What 2 state solution?