Monday, October 24, 2016

UNISON Disciplinary Procedures

I have today had cause to reflect upon UNISON’s disciplinary procedures as they apply to lay members.

I have been interviewed, courteously and appropriately, by colleagues involved in an investigation into matters about which I blogged awhile ago.

I do not wish recklessly or carelessly to comment upon a process about with which others, themselves involved in good faith, have requested my silence.

Nevertheless, having experience over many years of the political misuse of UNISON’s disciplinary procedures, I realise that there are circumstances in which it is inappropriate to accede to such requests.

The confidentiality of a disciplinary process is a duty owed by the organisation to the individual. The individual has the right to waive that confidentiality.

And so I may,

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Anonymous said...

You take the union's money but you won't abide by their rules. You go on about democracy but you won't accept the result of the EU referendum. You sir are a hypocrite.