Monday, December 12, 2016

A UNISON Christmas Carol

A spectre is haunting a large building on the Euston Road.
Well, given the season, three spectres maybe. Each, in turn, is troubling the slumber of those who sleep there.
First, there is the ghost of elections past, a spectre who reminds the sleeping souls of where UNISON was before the 2010 General Election (when we had considerably more members than we have now – and had not failed to defend public service pensions nor failed to smash the pay freeze). Perhaps this spirit makes those who dream of it reflect upon who they once were and what they might have hoped to achieve?
Then there is the ghost of elections (recently) present – a jovial spirit inviting people to watch what people have been getting up to in the recent here and now – and remarking perhaps on other related current events. It may be that this ghost causes dreamers, on awakening to consider what they are doing now?
Finally however, there is the most frightening spectre, a silent and unspeaking shade – the ghost of elections yet to come.
Will the visits of these spirits be enough for the somnambulists of the Great White Elephant to change their ways?

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