Tuesday, April 11, 2017

UNISON members - vote for the UNISONaction Broad Left candidates in the NEC elections

I am reproducing here a message which I have received as a supporter of the UNISONaction Broad Left, the diverse group of trade union democrats and socialists who are committed to the idea that UNISON could live up to its potential;

As you will be aware the NEC Elections are underway and ballot papers have started arriving at Member's homes with the deadline for return of the ballot papers being 28th April at 5pm.

There are a number of helpful things we can all do to raise awareness of this election and ensure our supporters vote as NEC and UNISON elections generally produce a notoriously low turnout (often around 10%).

If you have not already visited and contributed to the social media sites below please take time to look and share their details with as many as possible:

Postcards can be viewed and downloaded on the website and advice on who is standing for UNISONaction.

Normal and usual means of communication can be used to promote awareness of the NEC Elections but be wary of promoting individual candidates using UNISON resources. It is entirely legitimate to announce who your Branch has nominated and encourage Members to vote in the NEC Elections but avoid using the term UNISONaction in UNISON communications. 

Email 'signatures' can be used if this is a usual means of communication.

The message is simple, we need to get Members to vote so you will know best how to achieve this and I hope the links help.

We have arranged a Fringe Meeting for National Delegate's Conference in Brighton on the Tuesday of Conference again following the tremendous meeting last year that launched UNISONaction and details of this will be shared soon along with detail of a fundraising social that is to take place.

Good luck to all our candidates, but if we all put the work in luck will play no part and we will begin to change the direction and profile of our union.

If you need any further advice or details please do not hesitate to contact me or your Regional Lead (details are on the website).

In Solidarity.
Glen Williams
UNISONaction Team Member

I wish luck to all those standing together as part of the UNISONaction Broad Left. If you are a UNISON member I urge you to vote for these candidates and if you are a UNISON activist I urge you to follow the advice of Glen Williams set out above.

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