Friday, April 07, 2017

US missiles won't lead the way to peace or justice

I'm not a pacifist but am proud to come from a family including brave pacifists, and I am against war.

It is, of course, easy to be against war when you are in the majority and can march a million strong.

I remember also having been opposed to a war which was popular and being in a tiny minority.

Today there is a drum beat for war in support of US air strikes on Syria. Those of us who are against war need to stand firm whether we are in a majority or a minority.

I agree with the Labour Leader that the road to peace in Syria doesn’t run via US air strikes.

Indeed, if the answer is a US military intervention then it is always certain that you asked the wrong question. The US and the UK do not embark upon military action to protect human rights.

I also agree with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament that confrontation between the US and Russia runs the risk of nuclear war.

Those (even within our own Party) who believe that the war crimes of the Assad regime justify imperialist military intervention clearly cannot see beyond their own moral indignation to the possible consequences of the missiles they applaud.

There are also those for whom the most important story these days is always about a division within the Labour Party.

It is of course nice to feel important, but it is just possible that the prospect of confrontation between states armed with nuclear weapons is bigger even than the ego of the Party’s Deputy Leader.

I am glad to be a member of a Party whose Leader does not follow the pack to cheer on President Trump's military action.

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