Friday, June 09, 2017

Bliss that it was in that dawn still to be at the count?

The day after a General Election (particularly one that leads to a hung Parliament) is full of people so deprived of sleep that we can barely think sagely offering our opinions as if this was a good idea.

Theresa May was so woozy she thought it a good idea to get into bed with a reactionary Party (associated with homophobia and anti-abortion extremism) in order to cling on to office.

Peter Mandelson, and one or two other comrades online, have not noticed, through their bleary eyes, that Corbyn, with a socialist manifesto has just won a larger share of the vote than Blair achieved in 2005.

I’ll return to the theme when I am less sleepy (and perhaps less euphoric) but I think it is worth saying that this is a good day, following the best achievable election result in circumstances of the most disgraceful vitriolic campaign against our Party and Leader.

The struggle continues – and we need to turn our Labour Party, and movement, out to our communities to campaign to defend our people now and to prepare for future victories.

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