Friday, June 02, 2017

The timing of complaints to the Certification Officer

Regular readers (Sid and Doris Rulebook Anorak) will know that this blog is knowledgeable about the work of the Certification Officer, to whom some bloke called Coyne has today complained about the recent election for General Secretary of UNITE.

This Coyne chap claims the timing of publicity around his complaint (in the week before a General Election) is determined by statutory timetables.

A complaint to the Certification Officer has to be made within six months of the incident, or – if the matter has been subject to a complaint internally within the trade union, within either six months of the outcome of that complaint or twelve months of the incident, whichever is the sooner.



Ludus57 said...

Thank you for making this clear to us,Jon, it explains a lot about the value of timing, and the real values and purposes of some " clock-watchers".

Anonymous said...

What happens if there was an incident six months ago that relates to the GS election?

Didn't the recent complaint about the Unison GS election refer to a matter that happened before the ballot result was announced?

Unless you know what is in the complaint you can't draw any conclusions about timing, can you?