Tuesday, October 17, 2006

If your face doesn't fit...

Just when you think the Government cannot do anything more foolish and illiberal than they already are – they come up with this!

According to proposals drawn up by the Department for Education and Skills, ministers are to ask higher education staff to spy on "Asian looking" or Muslim students, informing special branch of anyone they suspect of being involved in Islamic extremism.

Do they not remember having passed the Race Relations Amendment Act and giving public bodies enhanced duties to oppose such blatant discrimination?

Public servants have enough work to do delivering services that make a difference to people’s lives, without being roped in to this racist witch hunt by New Labour in its dangerous dotage.

With this sort of rubbish promoted by the Government it’s no wonder that, as UNISON Conference noted this year two-thirds of incidents of religious hate crime are targeted at Muslims, and surveys produced in the last two years have revealed that nearly 80 per cent of Muslims in the UK have experienced discrimination because of their faith.

Full marks to Paul Mackney of UCU for opposing this nonsense.

This makes me think that we need a socialist candidate for leader of the Labour Party…

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