Sunday, October 29, 2006

Students march for free education

I was very pleased to be at the students’ demonstration for free education today – with some young assistants leafleting for the John McDonnell campaign. I try not to think too often about the sheer hypocrisy of New Labour ministers most of whom benefited (as I did) from free higher education and student grants having pushed through top up fees (even if they did get an appalling sell-out of a former General Secretary to front it rather than give the job to one of their public school boys).

When I do think about this outrageous betrayal of Labour principles I get angry. UNISON has clear policy of opposition to top up fees and supported today’s demonstration – but will we use our potential clout in the elections for Labour Leader and Deputy Leader to promote our policy, or will we allow damaging rumours to spread that senior people in the Union want to support Johnson for the Deputy position?

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Anonymous said...

I'm convinced I bought a badge off you (regardless of the fact that I remain undeclared for leader).

It's really weird recognising people's face from the net.