Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blairites back Brown (to carry on Blair's policies)

So now we know – the Blairites are going to back Brown for Labour Leader. That gives us a united front of all those who backed the Iraq war, foundation hospitals, top up fees and privatisation.

As trade unionists we need a clear alternative to these failed policies. We also need to be able to offer our levy paying members an opportunity to vote for a candidate who backs our trade union policies.

Good job there is one!

MPs linked to trade unions must reflect upon the absolute importance of allowing our members a choice in the election for Leader. Policy-lite Deputy leadership candidates, however interesting their ideas, just won’t do the job. Neither will retreads from the 80s but I think I made that point earlier.


Jo Malik said...

I would hardly call Jon Cruddas policy lite. I take it you haven't bothered to download his new pamphlet or turned up to see him speaking or out campaigning against the BNP. Well now you have the opportunity to 1) donwload the pmaphlet and actually read it before you criticise 2) Come to the Commons on November 22nd to hear him speaking about it in parliament 3) Join him in Barking on November 18th to campaign against the BNP. Go on, I dare you or is it just that you're rather sit back and moan from a position of blissful ignorance? Prove me wrong.

Jo Malik said...

It's all coming. Jon C has a superb critique of Mr Brown which will be sortly unleashed. Wait for the campaign proper and you will see!! Better still, why don't you think about getting involved! This is a grassrotts campaign and we need good grassroots campaigners (like you) on baord.