Friday, November 03, 2006

Solidarity with the GMB!

Trade union unity is an important idea – and one that we try to live up to locally where I work. At a national level though UNISON and GMB don’t always play nice together – so I thought it was important to come online and blog some solidarity with GMB members at DHL who are in dispute over pay and job losses.

This is particularly important for UNISON because – of course – our members from NHS Logistics have been privatised to the same profit-hungry private corporation. I can’t wait for Tony Blair’s next attempt to explain why this is all good in the cause of public service reform.

I think we need a joint union campaign against all privatisations. Actually, now I think of it, I think there is one! Perhaps we should be setting up local groups to take the campaign forward?

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Anonymous said...

jon,nice to read the gmb and unison are doing the solidarity over labour party conference the gmb press call was attended by dave prentice and a shared platform was created.i suspect both unions senior officals realise they need each other in the choppy water ahead.a solid front,now thats a thought!.cheers from a gmb member