Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Off to Parliament to save our pensions...

We’re off to lobby Parliament today in the continuing dispute over the Local Government Pension Scheme. UNISON members will join those from 11 other unions – AEP, Amicus, Aspect, CYWP, GMB, NAPO, NIPSA, NUJ, NUT, T&G and UCATT – in the joint lobby.

Check back here (or here) later to hear how it went, but in the mean time, wish us luck. If the Government legislate to alter our pension scheme so that we are not protected as other public servants were – and so that we have to pay more for less – we can look forward to a major dispute in the run up to next year’s elections. Labour MPs ought not to want this to happen! (And I won’t even mention the generosity of the pension scheme they voted for themselves…)

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